Philips Kitchen HD9650/96 Air Fryer XXL Review

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Quick Overview





  • Large batch capacity
  • Size


  • Price
  • Difficult to clean
  • Temp controls are confusing
  • No stirring arm

It’s all the craze! What is? Cooking with hot air! That is how the new trendy kitchen appliance the air fryer works. It is a countertop unit that allows you to cook all those delicious foods you love without the need for excessive amounts of fat.

That means you can eat your “fried” food without feeling guilty. What could possibly be better than that? Being able to cook your favorite foods at home! In this review, we are going to look at one of the best air fryers on the market, the Phillips Kitchen HD9650/96 Air Fryer.

Philips Kitchen HD9650/96 Air Fryer XXL

One of those names that is synonymous with quality kitchen appliances, Phillips has been crafting high-quality products for nearly 100 years. With this air fryer, Phillips continues their tradition. So, let’s see what this air fryer has to offer.

Who is this product for?

Do you want to cook delicious, healthy food? Do you have a large family to feed? These are reasons to purchase an air fryer. Whether you are single looking to shed a few pounds or a busy mom on the go looking to make meals that are easy and delicious, the Phillips air fryer is for you.

What’s included?

When buying a product, one of the most important questions is about what comes with the offer. Well, in the box you get:

  • Quick clean basket
  • Removable drawer
  • Access to Philips Air Fryer app

Overview of features

Healthier food is the goal of millions of people on the planet and with the Phillips air fryer, you will be getting one of the highest performing models in this aspect. The team at Phillips was able to design an air fryer that cuts the fat needed to cook those delectable foods by 90%. To do this and so much more the air fryer has the following features:

  • Increased capacity (3 lbs.)
  • No preheat needed
  • Basket that is quick clean with non-stick mesh

How to get the most out of it

As with all kitchen appliances or gadgets in general, the best way to get the most out of them is to shy away from making common mistakes. So here is a video that can help you do just that:


  • Large batch capacity
  • Size


  • Price
  • No stirring arm
  • Difficult to clean
  • Temp controls are confusing

That is the overview of the air fryer itself, and if some of the drawbacks of this unit are just a bit too much for you, but you still want to get into the air fryer game, check out the alternative that we have chosen for you.


Corsori Air Fryer

With the drawbacks of the Phillips Air fryer like difficulty to clean and confusing controls, you may be looking for an alternative that gives you all the performance as the Phillips air fryer. The Corsori Air Fryer is a great alternative that addresses some of the issues that the Phillips air fryer suffers from. Along with correcting those issues, you will also get:

  • One touch selection food preset (11)
  • Built-in Shake reminder
  • Warming function
  • Auto shutoff
  • Dishwasher safe construction
  • Unique square designed basket
  • Large capacity

The Corsori Air Fryer is chock full of innovative designs like the shaker alarm. That's right, you must shake the food during the cooking process to keep from the food from sticking together and compressing, and it can be a headache to remember that. But with this air fryer, you will not have to worry about that. Along with this and many other special features, the air fryer makes the cleanup process a cinch.

Though these are serious issues to consider, they in no way detract from the high level of innovation and versatility you would be afforded by adding this appliance to your kitchen.

So, if you are looking for that option that will negate the cons of the Phillips, the Corsori air fryer could be the one that you should go for.


So, what is the final verdict on the Philips HD9650/96 Home Air Fryer? When you look at the cons list above you may think that this air fryer is simply not worth it. That is up to you, but by dismissing this appliance you will be losing out on all the great features that it does have — features like an increased food preparation capacity. With the larger capacity, you will be able to feed more people quicker, and when you are a parent on the go, this could be a vital commodity to have.  

So, if you can work through some of the minor issues you may consider Philip’s Air Fryer for no other reason than that large capacity.

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