Is an Air Fryer Worth Buying?

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The popularity of air fryers is rising and with people like Oprah and the ladies of The View praising them, it is no wonder. But maybe you are wondering if the investment is worth it. Is it just a fad that will die out? Or is it a viable healthy option to our love affair with delicious deep-fried goodness? That is a great question so let's dissect if air fryers are worth buying.

What Do the Experts Say?

This depends on which expert you are talking to. If you are talking to a dietician, they will say something different then a gadget guru.

The Dietician or Health Enthusiast

If you asked someone who is more concerned with health than functionality you would get a thumbs up. They might praise the fact that you will be able to quench your fried-food craving with little to no fat or oil used. That means that you will be less likely to cheat on your diet.

Tech Reviewer or Gadget Guru

This question being posed to someone who is solely about the functionality might give a wholly different answer. In fact, a tech reviewer or gadget guru may tell you that you can get the same result from your kitchen oven.

Sure, you may have to wait a little longer, but you won’t be spending your money on something you basically already have that doesn't take up counter space that could be better used with your coffeemaker or toaster. So, stick with that trusty oven it worked for your mom and grandma. Save your money!

Home Chefs or Time-Concerned Adults

Posing this question to someone who all about is getting meals on to the table at home will herald a resounding, yes! Of course, it is worth it! Not only will you be eating healthier, you won’t have to waste time standing around watching a fryer or waiting for that oven to preheat. Plus, the cleanup is fantastically easy.

What isn’t to love about an air fryer?  After all, though the name says air fryer you can do so much more than just produce deliciously crispy goodness; this beast is a multi tasker! You can bake, roast and grill, so many home chefs may wonder why this is even a question at all.

So, what does that all boil down to? Are the experts, right? Let's look at some of the pros and cons of purchasing an air fryer.


There are many reasons why buying an air fryer is worth it. Here are just a few:

  • Creates low-fat healthy meals
  • These appliances are way easier to clean up than a traditional fryer. Traditional fryers use large amounts of oil and after being heated to the right temperature you will have massive splatter all over your kitchen
  • More evenly cooked food due to its use of heated circular air. With a consistent air circulation, the heat can touch every inch of your food making a more evenly cooked meal
  • Less odor than the deep fryer that you would need to create crispy fried foods. We all know that when you use a deep fryer to make fried food that smells of the heated oil and cooking food wafts throughout the house and stays there for days to come
  • Save your time. No, preheat times
  • Convenience can be a great plus of an air fryer. Not having to deal with excessive cleanup and a quick preparation is great for people on the go or simply with little to no patience

Those all sound like great reasons to say to heck with it and just head out to get yourself a brand-new air fryer, but here are a few of the negatives associated with this appliance.


Now the critics may use these cons as a reason to deter you from adding this appliance to your kitchen gear.

  • Though it may save time on preheating, many of the models take a little longer in the cooking process
  • The interior space for cooking your food is compact and that means that if you are cooking anything bigger than a meal for one or two (unless you shell out the money for a large-capacity air fryer) you will be working in shifts
  • Most of these air fryer units, whether they say they are compact or not, take up quite a bit more space in your kitchen that may be optimal. They are heavy and often difficult to store
  • If you are not going to use your air fryer regularly, the price tag is a drawback to purchasing an air fryer. Of course, the heft of that tag depends on the brand and features, but in the end, if you are going to use it only every now and then, then even a $100 may be a little too rich for your blood.

So, is an air fryer worth buying?


No one can tell you whether spending your money on one appliance over another is worth it to you. So is an air fryer worth buying? That is up to you. Hopefully by laying out all the pros and cons above we have helped you get a little closer to your answer.

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