Best Large Air Fryer of 2019 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Just because you are trying to eat healthily that should be no reason why you can enjoy fried foods. Okay maybe not fried in the traditional sense but with the same crispy goodness. How does that work? Simply invest in a good air fryer and you will be well on your way to delicious “fried” food.

In this article, we are going to give you a head start on your air fryer hunt by breaking down some of the best large air fryers in 2019. Enough talking, right? Let’s get to the fryers and their stellar features that will allow you to enjoy some crispy, juicy wings.

Comparison Chart

Yedi Total Package Air Fryer XL, 100 Recipes, Deluxe Accessory Kit, 2 Year Warranty, 5.8 Quart

Ninja Air Fryer, 1550-Watt Programmable Base for Air Frying, Roasting, Reheating & Dehydrating

Philips Twin TurboStar Technology XXL Airfryer with Fat Reducer, Digital Interface 3lb/4qt- HD9650/96

Secura Air Fryer 1700W Electric Hot Air Fryers Large 5.3Qt / 5L XL Air Fryer Oven Oil Free Cooker

mockins Extra Large Air Fryer 5.8 Qt with Advanced LCD Touch Screen

Best Large Air Fryer Reviews

Yedi Total Package XL Air Fryer

Oprah approved! What else is there to say about our first entry from Yedi? The Total Package XL Air Fryer is one of the most highly rated air fryers, so let's see what it has to offer.


This large-capacity air fryer has been approved by many news outlets and is designed for convenience and efficiency Check out all the cool features you get with the Yedi Total Package XL Air Fryer:

  • Designed with an easy-to-read digital touch screen
  • Multiple preset cooking programs
  • Divided basket so you can cook two meals at once  
  • Included in the box: divided cooking basket, parchment paper, carrel, pizza pan, rack with 3 skewers (stainless steel), rubber mat, silicon pan, cooking timetable, and recipe booklet
  • Large capacity (5.8 qt.)

The Yedi has been heralded as the go-to air fryer by so many there was no way that it could be left off this list. With its large capacity and ease of use, the Total Package Air Fryer is a great selection to add to your kitchen wares.

The touch screen panel that allows you to select between its multiple pre-programmed cooking options takes the thinking out of the cooking process and in a world where we are all always on the go, this means that there is one less thing to worry about. Plus, this air fryer comes with so many accessories it allows for even more versatility to meal planning.

In fact, there were very few issues that we could find with this air fryer. Though some people that have purchased have complained about a sub-par cooking basket regarding the non-stick coating used. Many have complained about it flaking after use or a dishwasher cycle.

This is not in any way a global issue and so if you are someone looking for a faster and healthier way to get some fried foods back into your life make sure the Yedi is on your potential purchase list.


  • check
    Good capacity
  • check
    Multiple cooking options
  • check
    Touch screen
  • check


  • Cooking basket is sub-par

Ninja Air Fryer

Ninja is one of those names we all know. This company has been crafting high-quality kitchen appliances for decades and brings us our next selection.


Ninja has taken the standard air fryer and redesigned it with advanced features that improve cooking time and precision. Features like:

  • Enhanced temperature range (105°-400° Fahrenheit)
  • Non-stick basket with a 4 qt. capacity
  • Racks that are built to be multilayer
  • Ability to dehydrate as well
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe

With an enhanced temperature range, the Ninja Air Fryer your meals will be done quicker and cooked more even than other air fryers. Ninja’s incessant focus on quality and high-performance shines through with this air fryer and it’s not complicated to use. Easy to use and a level of performance that is surpassed by very few others means that this air fryer could just be what you are looking for.

Though this machine is super-efficient there are a few things that you may want to consider before setting your heart on this appliance. There are many people who might not like the limited-capacity basket and the fact that the cooking times are not always the most precise. This could lead to lengthened time cooking with inconsistent times and having to cook in shifts. These two drawbacks could be a problem for some but are in no way a universal issue for everyone.


  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Wide temp range
  • check
    Multiple cooking method options


  • Limited capacity basket
  • Cooking times may not be accurate

Philips Kitchen HD9650/96 Twin Turbo Star Air Fryer XXL

Philips is another of those names we all know and with a history of nearly a century of bringing us high-quality, durable kitchen appliances and they have not disappointed with the HD9650.


Less oil means less fat which in turn means healthier food and though all the air fryers on the market tout their abilities, Philips has crafted an air fryer that requires 90 percent less oil/fat. The Philips air fryer also has all these amazing features:

  • Increased capacity (3 lbs.)
  • No preheat needed
  • Basket that is quick clean with non-stick mesh

The best thing about this entry is that for its large food capacity it is smaller than many of the others in the large capacity range. Having an air fryer that can feed a family and take up less counter space could be a lifesaver for many people out there.

Now it may seem like the cons vastly outweigh the pros, but many of these issues can be addressed with a little extra money expenditure or simple patience. The one thing that may be the biggest deterrent is the price tag.

Though many air fryers are not cheap, the Philips Air Fryer seems to be a little heavier price for what you get. It is difficult to clean and sometimes the temperature settings can be a bit confusing to understand, but these can just require a little extra patience. If you can work through some of the minor issues you may consider Philip’s Air Fryer for no other reason, then the large capacity.


  • check
    Large batch capacity
  • check


  • Price
  • No stirring arm
  • Difficult to clean
  • Temp controls confusing

Secura Electric Hot Air Fryer XL

Secura's focus on creating high-quality, high-performance products has been present for years. With this air fryer, they certainly have done just that.


Any appliance designed to make the cooking process more efficient, healthier and quicker is always a welcome addition to most of the world’s kitchens. With the hot air fryer from Secura, you get a precision appliance with these features:

  • Large capacity (5.3 quarts)
  • Timer up to one hour
  • Temp settings from 180°-400° Fahrenheit
  • Removable pan and basket that is dishwasher safe
  • Additional accessories included (extra rack and skewers)
  • Durable construction

With one of the smallest price points on our list, this is a great option for someone looking for a quality performance that is affordable. Even better is the durable construction which means for that low price you will get years of use from this fryer extending your investment far beyond what most other models would grant you.

Now it is a little old school in the fact that it is not a digital fryer, and some may scoff at that, but for the performance level you get having to deal without a touchscreen is a small issue. There have also been some that have complained that it is a little difficult to set the timer. Both issues are small concerns when you look at what you get for such a budget-friendly price tag.


  • check
    Large capacity
  • check
  • check
    Enhanced air flow system
  • check


  • Non-digital
  • Timer is difficult to set

Mockins Professional Super XL Air Fryer

The last entry on our list comes from the team at Mockins. This air fryer is an extra-large capacity model with enhanced air circulation and so much more.


With this fryer not only do you get a large capacity of four quarts but also the following features:

  • Enhanced air circulation system
  • Multiple cooking presets (8)
  • Display that is LED lit and touch screen operated
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Food basket that is coated with a non-stick material
  • Extended temp range (180°-400° Fahrenheit)
  • Timer that goes up to one hour
  • Auto shut-off when the pot is removed

The last thing you want is an appliance that takes a Ph.D. to operate. This fryer is so easy to use that you will never have to stress out that dinner will not ready when it needs to be. Time efficiency is the name of the game with the Mockins Air Fryer. The time saved by the multiple preset cooking modes and then the easy cleanup will allow you to have more time to spend on the things you love.

This model has very little to complain about and that makes it one of the best choices. Now there have been some complaints about a sub-par Teflon coating. Some have had this coating flake after use or after running it through the dishwasher. Undoubtedly, a small issue it is still something to consider especially if you are going to be using this appliance often.


  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Clean up is easy
  • check
    Well made


  • Teflon coating is sub-par


No oil and healthy wings! This is perhaps the best invention in kitchen appliances since the cavemen hit two rocks together and discovered fire. Your excitement will not lessen the frustration and stress you feel when you see the choices you have in the air fryer market. So, with any luck, thanks to the knowledge we have laid out in this article. you'll be better equipped to head out there and find the perfect air fryer for you.

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